Maker Modules

Well it’s been well over two years since my last post (that’s what having a child does to you, don’t you know). It seems that a whole mass hobbyist movement has happened in my absence – 3D printing, the Internet of things, etc. I have lots of catching up to do.

I’d like to start by sharing a series of posts about ‘functional modules’ that are pretty easy to procure parts for and assemble, which can form building blocks in numerous projects. I call these little recipes ‘MakerModules’.

So far they are:

MM01 – A tiny Arduino microcontroller married with a Bluetooth low energy module, for wireless anything.

MM02 – A battery charge monitor for Arduino.

MM03 – A battery coupled with a micro USB charger, creating a small, portable, easily rechargeable energy source.

These elements have been ‘discovered’ during development of my original ‘smartwatch’ project, which I’d also like to write about soon.


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